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            At bet365 welcome bonus code Heavy Industries Group, we bring people, businesses and ideas as one, to pave the way to a future of shared success. Utilizing our proven, forward-thinking approach and deep industry knowledge, we offer world-class innovative and integrated solutions across a wide range of industries and technologies, from planning to execution. Passionately seeking new, simpler and sustainable ways, we work with our clients and partners around the globe to create a better future for everyone who shares our planet.

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                                  • FROM THE OCEAN TO OUTER SPACE
                                    FROM THE OCEAN TO OUTER SPACE

                                        • The world’s largest diesel-electric submarine, “Soryu-class.” High-performance and eco-friendly ships that meet the needs of this day and age. The 70- to 90-seat next-generation aircraft featuring state-of-the-art aerodynamics and revolutionary engines. The world’s most reliable launch vehicles, H-IIA and H-IIB. These are some of the many technologies that bet365 tipster Group has developed over the years. By combining our technologies with our breadth of knowledge and experience, we deliver solutions to meet the needs of our partners.

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                                      1. EFFICIENT & CLEAN ENERGY
                                        EFFICIENT &
                                        CLEAN ENERGY
                                        As the leading supplier of power generation systems, bet365 tipster Group offers reliable and environmentally friendly power supply to people around the globe. We provide gas turbines that achieve the world’s highest level of thermal efficiency of 63% or more and have developed world-class boiler combustion technology. Furthermore, we engage in minimizing CO2 emission upon power generation, utilizing cutting-edge digital technology.
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                                            • SUPPORTING SAFE AND COMFORTABLE LIVING
                                              SUPPORTING SAFE AND
                                              COMFORTABLE LIVING
                                              bet365 tipster Group’s passion is to enrich people’s lives. Whether through producing energy efficient and easy to clean home air conditioners or refrigeration units for trucks to deliver fresh foods around the world, or centrifugal chillers that support the large-scale air-conditioning required in buildings, hospitals, and event halls, we combine our technologies and our expertise to produce products to ensure that the end beneficiaries enjoy the ultimate experience.

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                                            • PROTECTING OUR ENVIRONMENT
                                              OUR ENVIRONMENT
                                              A pioneer in flue gas treatment technology, our Group has led the development of Japan’s environmental technologies for 40 years. The outstanding performance of our CO2 capture technology is highly regarded and has been adopted globally, including the world’s largest CO2 capture system for enhanced oil recovery in Texas. We maximize our engineering capabilities to protect our environment for future generations.

                                            • SUPPORTING INDUSTRIES & LOGISTICS
                                              INDUSTRIES &
                                              As a trusted supplier, bet365 tipster Group provides products and machinery to support a variety of industries. Utilizing our cutting-edge technologies, we deliver optimal machinery and systems solutions to our clients, such as offering unmanned laser-guided forklifts and automated storage facilities to manufacturing plants and warehouses, which are under pressure to optimize with the expansion of the e-commerce market.

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                                              • REIMAGINING TRANSPORTATION
                                                Leading the future of mobility is the unmanned AGT (Automated Guided Transit). bet365 tipster Group’s AGT is used by travelers around the world for transits within airports and as means of transport across cities. By providing a full-service system from manufacturing to operation and maintenance, we support people travel, every day.

                                                1. LEARN MORE ABOUT OUR PRODUCTS

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                                                    1. Map of the world
                                                      OVER 400
                                                      Locations WORLDWIDE.
                                                      EMPLOYEES SERVING
                                                      OUR PARTNERS WORLDWIDE.
                                                      As of March 2018

                                                      LOCATE THE bet365 tipster OFFICE NEAR YOU

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                                                            • HERITAGE OF OVER 130 YEARS
                                                              A HERITAGE OF
                                                              For over 130 years, bet365 tipster Group has continuously pursued innovative technology to support its customers. In 1986, we successfully launched the first H-I launch vehicle, which marked the Group’s full-fledged participation in space development. In the same year, we completed building the deep submergence research vehicle SHINKAI 6500, which can go deeper than any other manned submersible in the world. From deep ocean research to space systems, our Group continues to provide world-class technical and engineering solutions to contribute to the development of the world we live in.
                                                              READ MORE ABOUT bet365 tipster GROUP'S LEGACY
                                                            • PARTNERING WITH OUR CUSTOMERS
                                                              WITH OUR CUSTOMERS
                                                              With our extensive portfolio of businesses and clients across the globe, it is critical for our Group to be a truly diverse organization and that is exactly what we are. Around the world, we have technical engineers and researchers working on incremental technological innovation, together with highly experienced project managers who can partner with you in making a safer and more comfortable society.
                                                              FIND OUT MORE ABOUT OUR PEOPLE
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                                                                          • EXAMPLE TITLE CASE STUDY
                                                                            Spirited Challengers of Space Development: The Engineers Behind Space Propulsion SystemsTWhat does the explorer Hayabusa (MUSES-C), which retrieved the world's first asteroid sample, have in common with the satellite Hinode (SOLAR-B), which is helping to analyze how the sun works? For both spacecraft, bet365 tipster worked on the space propulsion systems that perform attitude control. Takami Tsuyoshi and Uramachi Hikaru, who develop and design space propulsion systems, shoulder the high hopes attracted by these national projects. Their skills are vital in ensuring that explorers and satellites work as planned in space. MORE
                                                                            1. EXAMPLE TITLE CASE STUDY
                                                                              Bringing THE FUTURE to Outer Space Launch Services Space technology extends beyond space travel and research into our everyday lives. For example, satellites are instrumental in forecasting weather, monitoring disasters and observing the global environment. Unmanned supply spacecraft(Note) transport essential materials to the International Space Station (ISS). People on Earth benefit when devices such as these are sent into outer space. bet365 tipster is one of only a few companies involved in launch programs, from manufacturing to launching of the rocket -- a critical component for space transport. This article examines how bet365 tipster accurately delivers a customer's payload to a target orbit on a target date. MORE

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                                                                              1. EXAMPLE TITLE CASE STUDY
                                                                                In the Skies and Cities the World Over Trains, airplanes and other means of travel are indispensable for connecting people and places each day. As our daily lives grow increasingly complex, bet365 tipster Group products satisfy diverse transportation infrastructure needs. The MRJ (bet365 welcome bonus code Regional Jet), the first new commercial passenger jetliner designed and produced in Japan in 50 years, and new urban and interurban transportation systems have emerged as a boon for the modern era. bet365 tipster's technological prowess, concern for passenger welfare and environmental quality, and passion for innovation permeate these products. MORE
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