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          Use the Keyword Search or Product Category Search to view the product's page or to contact us directly with the Inquiry Form.

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          Search by product name or model number. View the product information page displayed in the search results and contact the department in charge.

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                        Search for products in the below categories. View the product information page and contact the department in charge or contact us directly with the Inquiry Form.

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                          Energy-related products, such as natural energy, thermal power, and nuclear energy.

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                              • Fossil Fuel Power Plant, Renewable Energy Power Plant, Nuclear Power Generation
                              • Engine Power Plant, Solid Oxide Fuel Cell
                              • Oil and Gas Production Plants, Fuels Production

                              Aircraft products, such as commercial aircraft and aero engines.

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                                      • Civil Aircraft, Helicopter
                                      • Civil Aeroengine

                                      Space systems, such as H-IIA rocket and the products related to international space station program.

                                        • Launch Vehicle, Rocket Engines
                                        • Reaction Control System, Space Station
                                        • Rocket Launcher, Rocket Engine Combustion Test Facility

                                        bet365 website related to shipbuilding and ocean development, such as tankers, cargo ships, passenger ships, and marine engines.

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                                          • Ship, Various Automated Systems
                                          • Marine Engine, Marine Machinery
                                          • Offshore Engineering, Floating Facilities

                                          Various systems for transportation, such as APMs (automated people movers) and ETC (Electric Toll Collection) system.

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                                          • Automated People Mover, Rail Transit, Monorail
                                          • Maintenance Vehicle, Air Brakes
                                          • Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS)

                                          Material handling systems, such as crane and forklift trucks.

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                                          • Crane & Material Handling System
                                          • Folklift Trucks

                                          Wide range of products related to environmental plants and equipment to prevent global warming and pollution.

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                                              • Prevention of Global Warming and Air Pollution
                                              • SCR (DeNOx) System
                                              • Prevention of Marine Pollution

                                              Vehicle-related products, such as turbochargers and machinery for motor vehicle industry.

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                                                • Engine / Power Train
                                                • ITS, ETC
                                                • Production Equipment / System, Testing Equipment

                                                bet365 website used in various industries, such as printing machinery, machine tools, chemical plants, and air-conditioning & refrigeration systems.

                                                • Chemical Plants, Rubber & Tire Machinery, Metals Machinery
                                                • Paper & Printing Machinery, Machine Tool, Injection Molding Machine
                                                • Compressors & Mechanical Turbines, Pumps, Laser Equipment, Robots
                                                • Particle Accelerator, Wind Tunnels / Test Equipment
                                                • Air-Conditioning & Refrigeration Systems, Medical Equipment

                                                Machinery and equipment for infrastructure building, such as construction machinery.

                                                    • Construction Machinery, Tunnel Excavation Machinery, Vibration & Isolation System
                                                    • Hydraulic Gate, Hydraulic Penstock
                                                    • Desalination Plant

                                                    bet365 website related to our living and leisure, such as air-conditioners and passenger ships.

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                                                      • Air-Conditioner, OLED Panel for Lighting Application
                                                      • Cruise Ships, ROPAX
                                                      • Stage Machinery Systems, Domes & Arenas

                                                      bet365 website for national defense.

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                                                          • Special Vehicles
                                                          • Ship, Defense Aircraft
                                                          • Defense Aeroengine
                                                          • Guided Weapon Systems
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                                                          • Transportation
                                                          • Chemical Plants
                                                          • CO2 Capture Plant
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                                                          Please find the main contacts in the list of group companies.

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