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Toss It high and out in front of you, when you hit you want to be broad jumping into the ball. You should land inside the court 10/10 times. Here It looks as if you jump a bit straight up and your body leans to the left when you make contact. Jump forward into the ball and follow through straight at the area you’re aiming at!

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The spin is all about where you contact the ball. Contact center top, straight downward spin. Contact right top, left downward spin which is somewhat natural for a right handed player.

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Other than the foot fault I’d say it’s good you’re reaching up for it but I wouldn’t say that’s necessarily bad because you’re not going to be able to hit it straight down maybe gradually adding power and accuracy to it aiming for the outsides would be good

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They regularly compete alongside all of the top beach volleyball professional you know and love. Taylor Crabb, Phil Dalhausser, Casey Patterson, Troy Field, and so so many more. Throughout all of this, the McKibbins still find time to film some of the best beach volleyball content you can find. They have tutorials, glimpses into the pro circuit ...

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The added benefit is that your TS jumper forces you to get your feet all the way to the ball, and you have to hit the stuffin’ out of it to get over the net from 30ft. The drawback is that while TS serving you’re chasing the ball because your paths are parallel, while attacking a set in the front row creates paths that are more perpendicular.

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Hey just want to upload my jump serve progession (it went in btw) Advice is welcome but you dont have to.

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Most everyone with a huge jump serve does it the same way. Huge spin toss, run, jump over the line, drop serve. People make it work but the toss is always the weak point. In my standing serve I prefer tossing the ball with my off hand. I use a very small toss. The ball barely leaves my hands before it's hit.

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