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Why You SHOULD Take WRONG Foot Layups! How To Make Layups In ...

Why You SHOULD Take WRONG Foot Layups! How To Make Layups In Basketball + Drills!When you learn how to finish at the rim in basketball, odds are you're told ...

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Wrong-Foot Left Hand Layup | New Signature Move Tutorial ...

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The Goofy Foot Layup, language, and motor control — Playmakers

When we call a layup a "wrong-footed layup", this is exactly what we mean. It needs to be corrected. Over and over, we stop players who may be making layups jumping off their same-sided foot (right foot for a right-handed layup), and tell them that despite the success, they executed incorrectly and must change.

How to Do a Layup in Basketball (6-Step Guide)

One of the main reasons for missed layups at the youth basketball level is players are going way too fast. If you were to spend just 2 minutes sitting on the sidelines of an U10’s game, and I guarantee you’ll see a 100mph fast break that results in the shooter slamming the ball off the backboard.

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Wrong Foot Lay-up. Players must be able to shoot jumping off the same foot as they are shooting with. The need may arise for a number of reasons: Choice of pivot foot. The example shown, the left foot is the pivot, so the first step must be with the right foot (shown red).

How To Shoot A Layup In Basketball — Baller Boot Camp

You can't always time your steps in the games so you need to be able to finish with both hands on both sides of the hoop. If you shoot with your left hand on the left side of the hoop you should jump off your right foot and vice versa on the other side. I call that a regular reverse layup.

Why do we use opposite foot on layups? : Basketball

Fundamentals are important, but try not to be dogmatic about it. It's important to learn "wrong foot" layups too. A key to finishing around the basket is being able to keep the defender off balance and disrupt their timing. Many times going off the wrong foot allows you to get it up to the basket quicker.

3 of the most common foot injuries for basketball players and ...

Basketball is a popular sport and with good reason. It’s fast paced, intense and fun. Of course, that pace can encourage a lot of stress and strain on the lower body. Basketball foot injury can be common as players run, jump, pivot and make plenty of sudden stops and direction changes during games. Here are 3 of the mo

How to Do a Layup Correctly? Basketball 101 - Hoops Addict

Trying to take your steps from a far distance can put you into problems if you don’t have the length and athleticism of a Giannis or a KD. Many coaches will advise players that are attempting the two-step layup to take a long first step and a shorter, jump-like, more powerful second step.