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Make a circular motion with the forefinger. BALL “IN”. Point the arm and fingers towards the floor. BALL “OUT”. Raise the forearms vertically, hands open, palms towards the body. CATCH OR LIFT. Slowly lift the forearm, palm of the hand facing upwards. DOUBLE CONTACT. Raise two fingers, spread open.

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So one very common hand signal that isn’t displayed on the chart but is regularly used is the set point hand gesture. When a team is on set point an official will clench a fist on the side of the team who has set point and hold it directly up in the air. This indicates to all players, officials and spectators that a team has set point.

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Referee Hand Signals. Referees use a great number of hand signals during a volleyball game. The referee blows the whistle to signal the start and end of each play. The line judges can only signal if a ball was in, out, touched, or a foot fault occurred. The down referee can call touches, nets, under the nets, and rotational errors.

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Volleyball Referee Signals for "Replay" Anytime a rally must be replayed, signal a replay by holding two fists above the shoulders with thumbs up. A rally may be replayed if an object or ball comes on the court during play and causes a safety concern or causes interference or when both teams commit a fault at the same instance.

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Slowly lift the forearm, palm of the hand facing upward. Raise two fingers, spread open. Raise four fingers, spread open. Indicate the respective side of the net. Place a hand above the net, palm facing downward. Make a downward motion with the forearm, hand open. Point to the center line or to the respective line. Raise both thumbs vertically.

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Place the palm of one hand over the fingers of the other, held vertically (forming a T) and then indicate the requesting team F F FS Legend: FS 22 Referee(s) who must show the signal according to their regular responsibilities Referee(s) who show the signal in special situations FS OFFICIAL VOLLEYBALL RULES 2015-2016 69 PART 2 - SECTION 3: DIAGRAMS

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This video portrays hand signals used by the first referee in Volleyball. DISCLAIMER:No copyright infringement intended.I do not own the audio in this video....

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Hand signals volleyball and the signal sequence for officiating. Official USA Hand Signals Volleyball Authorization for Service The beckon for serve is the most used signal by the first referee. This signal is used to start each rally. Start with the arm straight out from the shoulder. The arm is also parallel to the floor.