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Basketball Goal Removal & Disposal | LoadUp

Book LoadUp, your nationwide hauling company for the best in basketball goal removal and disposal services near you. Book Goal Removal Our average cost for basketball goal removal starts at $95 .

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Our average cost for a basketball hoop removal service is $100. This price includes disassembly and removal. We remove all kinds of basketball hoops. Free standing basketball hoops; Concrete embedded basketball hoops; Broken down basketball hoops; Buried in the lawn basketball hoops; Whatever it is you want gone, we’ll haul it away.

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Who could do it and what would the cost be? It also has the backboard a nod hoop on it. Answered by LCD: Here are a few prior similar questions that should help -not one of them also tells how to remove it (assuming in its own concrete, not in drive concrete) without having to dig the entire concrete bulb out - this also works for concrete ...

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In the end, the basketball removal cost will depend on the level of complexity involved with the job. Disposing of Your Basketball Goal In terms of recycling your basketball hoop, trash pickup or recycling may pick up the backboard and base of the portable basketball hoop, but there is no guarantee.

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Basketball Hoop Removal and Disposal. So, you have had your fun with your basketball hoop and now it's seen better days. You might be asking yourself "how the heck am I supposed to get rid of this thing"! Well, fear not bent basketball hoop owner, you have Trash Can Willys on your side!

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I wish I had a hoop. Good fun after a few beers. Bummer. I'd yank it personally, but for a cut-down + dump haul I'd charge $100 minimum. Yankin' and filling and dumping would cost more. Time, liability, equipment. Shit ain't free.

In-Ground Goal Removal | Baltimore County, Maryland

Basketball Installers is the professional basketball hoop and system installation contractors that you can trust in Baltimore – Washington Area. Your old and unused in-ground basketball system may not only become unsightly but can also be a reason for accidents and blockage to your driveway.

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Most customers are satisfied with lower cost of just removing the goal and post at ground level. But, we are glad to offer full removal of goal and concrete footer! Call or Text John Schott today at 317-784-8760 for a free over the phone estimate. Or, HappyDumpTruck@gmail.com.