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Trading on Betfair: How to profit from short-term price movements

This software allows me to look at the overall horse racing market with a lot more information on offer through various charts, graphs and real time price movements showing bets as they are placed.

Racing Price Monitor Betfair Races

As the name suggests, Racing Price Monitor is monitoring all betfair race meetings right from 6:00 am UK time and till the last race for the day is over. And it does that monitoring all seven days of the week and all 12 months of the year. Without wasting any more time, let me take you into the software interface.

Bfexplorer | Horse Racing Odds Movement Prediction

How can I configure my bfexplore so that it can show the replay of the market movement during a soccer match acquired in Betfair Historical Data? Betfair Bot 4.6.2020 10:32:30

Best Betfair Trading Software | Betting Exchange Tools & Apps

Football Trading is made far more efficient, as you’re able to monitor multiple markets (e.g. Win Market, Over/Unders and Correct Score) at the same time and act upon price movements. The Grid Interface displays 5 prices either side of the current odds instead of only 3 (as per the Betfair website).

Predictions | Betting @ Betfair

Having revolutionised online betting with the Betting Exchange, Betfair then launched its own Sportsbook in 2013, offering fixed-price odds on a huge range of sports, including every major ...

Trying out a Forecasting Tool that Predicts Betfair Trends

The forecasting tool is based on an algorithm. With that said, the tool is able to give a prediction of the betting odds available at post time. Say for example that a horse is trading at 6.60. The forecasting tool estimates that odds will fluctuate around 4.20 a couple of minutes before the race starts. Thus, the tool expect odds to shorten.

Football Odds Predictor in Advanced Cymatic Trader for Betfair

In the examples mentioned, several bookmakers were offering odds of 2.8 for Crystal Palace which was similar to the Betfair price. This helped to convince us that the Betfair price was misaligned, because the bookmaker’s odds should usually be lower than the Betfair odds and the expected true odds (because of the bookmaker’s profit margin).

modeling - Predicting Price Movements on a Betting Exchange ...

Predicting Price Movements on a Betting Exchange. On a betting exchange the price (the odds that an event will happen expressed as a decimal, 1/ (percentage chance event occurring) of a runner can experience a great deal of volatility before the event in question begins. Since very little about the event in question actually changes before it starts the movement in price must be down to pure market forces.

Betfair Pro Trader: Predicting the Starting Price is NOT ...

To find a value bet professionals create their own forecast (or tissue) prices. This forecast is what professionals believe will be the price of each horse just as the race starts. As we know from efficient market hypothesis, the starting price (SP) represents the true probability for a horse to win. If at anytime before the race starts, the price of a horse to win is greater than the forecast price then a bet will be placed.