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Court Size Overall. NBA and College 94 feet long X 50 feet wide. High School 84 feet long X 50 feet wide. Junior High 74 feet long X 42 feet wide. Foul Line. For all courts the “foul line” is 15 feet from the front of the backboard to the foul line. The Key or The Lane

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Size (Overall): 94’ x 50’ | 28.65 x 15.24 m Area (Court): 4,700 ft2 | 436.64 m2 Baskets: 4’ | 122 cm from perimeter, 10’ | 305 cm high Three-point Arc: 23’9” | 7.24 m, 22’ | 6.7 m corners Free-Throw Line: 15’ | 4.57 m from basket Center Circle: 12’ | 366 cm diameter Material (Indoor): Polished wood, usually maple

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You can’t seem to have a perfect indoor basketball court if dimensions are wrongly measured. So, the best deal to combat such a situation is to know precise measurements. However, if you check professional courts like NBA or NCAA, they usually measure 94 feet x 50 feet.

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While often the most costly base option, concrete is going to give you the best performance and long-term results. A typical concrete pad for a backyard basketball court will consist of a 4″ pad with steel reinforced rebar and saw cut expansion joints. The key point is to ensure that your concrete is level and has minimal slope.

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Basketball Slab Specifications • 4” slab of 3500 psi concrete. • Placed over a 2” – 4” base of compacted stone/stonedust • Medium broom finish for slabs over 25’ x 25’ • Slightly heavier medium-broom finish for smaller slabs to minimize tile migration • Sloped 1” for every 10’

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The answer boils down to budget and space availability. Our most popular backyard basketball court size is a 30×30 half-court floor kit. This provides enough room to play above the 3-point line while not breaking the budget. As for the size of a full backyard basketball court, we would recommend our 46×78 full court basketball floor kit. It is smaller than regulation, but it has the room for small children and adults to play comfortably.

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If you want room for a (college/high-school) three point line ( men's college 3-point line has changed to 20-9 ), you'll need about 30 - 32 feet. This will give you enough room to easily shoot from behind the 3-point line and have a good overhang distance. View court dimension diagrams .

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Follow these five steps to build your own home basketball court. 1. Size Your Space. Step one is figuring out your backyard basketball court dimensions. Full courts measure 94-by-50 feet and high school courts are 84-by-50 feet. Truth be told, a full court definitely requires a substantial amount of space.

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Actual Court Measurements: 20' 7" x 24' 10" Minimum Base Dimensions: 20' 9" x 25' 0" Shipping Specifications: 1 Pallet + 2 Boxes. Total Weight: 425 lbs.

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Besides, how much does it cost to build a hardwood basketball court? The average cost of concrete is about $6 persquare foot. Therefore, To fill the area of the building inconcrete the cost would be $71,250. A good basketballcourt is hardwood. Since the dimensions of ourcourt are 84 ft. x 50 ft., we need 4,200 square feet ofhardwood slabs.