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What to Do When You See Cracks in Your Cricket Bat

Small cracks appearing in your cricket bat can cause us to panic. After all, no one wants any damage to such a fine investment, especially after taking the time to carefully pick the best option . However, indentations, or even small cracks, can appear even very early in the piece.

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Cracks in the Face of the Bat. Small horizontal and vertical cracks in the face and edges of a cricket bat are normal, even if the bat has been properly knocked in. When cracks begin to appear depends on the individual bat. Some bats begin cracking almost immediately, while some may not crack for a year or more.

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Fix Cricket Bat Cracks With Super Glue - YouTube

Fix Cricket Bat Crack With Super Glue!Really simple way to fix those cricket bat cracks that have occurred over time.Youn can fix a lot of cracks using this ...

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1. Repair toe cracks. Most cricket bat cracks can be repaired with glue and repair tape or twine, plus some sandpaper and oil. First of all, locate the crack and fill it completely with glue, such as wood glue or superglue. Remove any excess glue and allow it to dry for 12 to 24 hours.

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However, what does rather grind my gears is how het up and pedantic some cricketers can get when their cricket bat picks up the most minor of damage, such as a surface crack. Most modern bats come with a twelve month warranty, whilst some bats come with a two year warranty, like our own Newbery Platinum – meaning that if the bat is to break ...

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Bat cracks during knocking in - Custom and Handmade Cricket Bats

If the cracks are going down along the grain, then don't worry - this is a sign of the bat opening up, which means you're doing a good job knocking it in! If the cracks go horizontally across the bat it could be a problem though, and may warrant sanding/taping immediately lest it gets worse.

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Like u/gundaingali and u/Piranha2004 said, you should be fine with superglue and sandpaper! I repair cricket bats as a hobby, so just adding my $0.02 to their advice — use high-grit sandpaper (220 grit works great) to sand off the majority of the excess dry superglue and finish it off with some higher-grit sandpaper (400 or so) — just to make sure you’re not leaving scratches on the ...

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Answer (1 of 5): Knocking in, is the process of hardening and conditioning of the blades' surface. There are two reasons for knocking in; * Protecting the bat from cracking and increase its usable life * Improving the middle of the bat so the middle is bigger and better The nature of the game ...