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The team with the most penalties scored after the first five takes wins the shootout. However, if one side has scored more successful penalties than the other could possibly reach with all of its...

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How Does A Penalty Shootout Work. How a penalty shootout works is quite simple. Five players on each team will be chosen to take a penalty. They will each walk from the center circle, place the ball on the spot and attempt to beat the keeper. A player is allowed to choose how big their run-up is, however, is only allowed to kick the ball once.

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Rules for Penalty Shootouts The penalty-kick shootout to decide a match consists of a minimum of 5 penalty kicks to be taken by each of the two teams from the penalty spot (8 yards from the goal line in the case of half-pitch play, 10 yards in the case of full pitch play). The referee decides by the flip of a coin which team begins.

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During a penalty shootout, the kicks are taken alternately by each team. A different player must take every kick. The only time a player can take a second penalty kick is if every other player on a team has taken a kick and the scores are still tied. At this point, each team rotates through all their players again.

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Procedure The referee tosses a coin to decide the goal at which the kicks will be taken. The choice of goal may be changed by the... The referee tosses the coin a second time to determine which team will take the first kick. All players other than the kicker and the goalkeepers must remain in the ...

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The rules for penalty shootouts vary between sports and even different competitions; however, the usual form is similar to penalty shots in that a single player takes one shot on goal from a specified spot, the only defender being the goalkeeper. If the result is still tied, the shootout usually continues on a "goal-for-goal" basis, with the teams taking shots alternately, and the one that scores a goal unmatched by the other team is declared the winner.

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Each team takes alternating turns sending a player to the penalty spot to shoot against the opposing goalkeeper. No kicker can take another shot until every other player on his team has taken a shot. All other players for a team are allowed to line up on the midfield line.

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Penalty shootout rules • Kicks from the penalty mark are taken in accordance with the procedure laid down in the IFAB Laws of the Game. • The referee decides which goal will be used for the ...