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Tennis Elbow Treatment & Physiotherapy Melbourne

Conservative management is recommended as the first line treatment for tennis elbow. Treatment will depend on the severity of the presenting condition. Treatment options can range from education, load management strategies, self management and can also include exercise, mobilisation-with-movements and other passive interventions such as taping.

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Traditionally, treatments for lateral epicondylitis (tennis elbow) consist of temporary pain relief using anti-inflammatory medication, rest, and icing the area. While ice numbs the pain it also prevents healthy blood flow which is essential to providing oxygen and nutrients to the area to heal it, and remove waste products and CO2.

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Tennis Elbow Treatment. Treatment for tennis elbow usually involves: Education about the condition; Splinting; Taping; Movement and massage of the affected area; A graduated exercise program; Advice on activity modification to reduce the problem, such as loosening your grip on your golf club

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Tennis elbow treatment is generally non-surgical. Splints, physiotherapy and activity avoidance along with injections are the main stay of treatment. Tennis elbow surgery to release the tendon can resolve symptoms very effectively.

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Physiotherapy and prescribed treatment for tennis elbow will vary depending upon the severity of your condition. Physiotherapy treatment for tennis elbow may include: Exercises prescribed by your physiotherapist to gradually strengthen the tendons. Remedial massage. Muscle re-education to improve strength and control.

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What Is The Most Effective Treatment For Tennis Elbow? There are a number of different treatment options that relieve pain as well as strengthen the tendon. This can include exercises to improve strength, soft and deep tissue massage to the affected area, and advice on how to improve work or sport related tasks to reduce pain.

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If you are searching for tennis elbow physiotherapy, Melbourne CBD Physiotherapy can provide you with effective treatment for this condition. With tennis elbow physiotherapy treatment, your physio will train your tendon to become stronger. Along with this, we can also help to reduce any pain that you may be experiencing.

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Action Rehab physiotherapists are experienced in tennis elbow and its treatment. Tennis elbow might sound like a sports injury, but really it can happen to anyone who performs a repetitive action. We treat bricklayers, painters, typists and musicians but anyone can be at risk. No referral needed. Tailored Treatment Plan.

Natural Tennis Elbow Treatment with Ayurveda in Melbourne

Effective Ayurveda Tennis Elbow Treatment in Melbourne. There are many ways to treat tennis elbow. However, most of them involve surgery which is expensive and has harmful side effects – unlike Ayurveda treatment. This treatment uses herbal medications and physical therapies that offer instant pain relief.