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Ultimate Tennis Statistics - GOAT List

If the player now has 200 normal GOAT Points, it is estimated that he would have 200 / (1 - 10%) = 222 GOAT Points by the end of his career. Season capping Extrapolation caps estimated points in a single season to the maximum points someone earned in one season at a specific age.

Ultimate Tennis Statistics - Most Ranking GOAT Points

Most Ranking GOAT Points at Ultimate Tennis Statistics. Powered by open-source software: Linux, PostgreSQL, Java, Spring Boot, available at GitHub

Ultimate Tennis Statistics - Records Book

Thousands of Open Era tennis records. Ultimate Tennis Statistics. Updated: 04-10-2021. Player: Home; GOAT List; Timelines. ... GOAT Points * Refreshed every ...

Novak Djokovic vs Roger Federer vs Rafael Nadal: Who is the ...

Let's figure out who the Greatest Male Tennis Player of all time (GOAT) is, while leaving out all of the feelings and using all of the statistics instead. Numbers cannot lie. Numbers cannot be biased.

Who Is The GOAT? How I Do Research For All Time Tennis GOAT Stats

In this one I reveal my extensive collection of tennis books and give guidance on where to start if you want to learn more about the history of the game tooh...

Women’s Tennis GOAT? – Reality, Statistics and Nonsense

Reality: Serena has more Grand Slams wins than Steffi. Statistically: Steffi has more wins overall. Nonsensically: It’s clear cut who was better. Serena (23 GS), Steffi (22 GS), Navratilova (18 GS) , Evert (18 GS), Court (24*GS). Here is a big debate and will ruffle some fathers for sure.

Tennis Goat Race: Djokovic, federer, Nadal, who is now ahead ...

Djokovic Wins Wimbledon – TENNIS ‘GOAT’ RACE: Novak Djokovic has won his sixth Wimbledon title and his 20th Grand Slam overall to level Roger Federer & Rafael Nadal in the MOST GRAND SLAM winner list. All 3 of them have not 20 Grand Slam Titles each to their credit – but what Djokovic has accomplished on Sunday – without any doubt has made his new leader of the GOAT RACE.

What's a Tennis GOAT, anyways? - Last Word On Tennis

Nadal 24 — Federer 16. Novak 26 — Federer 22. Novak 29 — Nadal 26. Wait, no cogent GOAT analysis is complete without mention of fate’s sudden and cruel neutralizer—injuries. All athletes face them, some more than others. Doesn’t necessarily gauge how great you are; but does affect how great you could have become.

A New Tennis GOAT? How Novak Djokovic Stacks Up Against Nadal ...

(Serena Williams, who has her own claim to the title of tennisGOAT, has collected $94 million in prize money.) Djokovic sits on top this year, too, with $2.4 million in prize money entering ...