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Tennis String Advice | Which Tennis string is for you

Tennis String Advice. I wanted to write a new guide , my last guide on strings was written many years back, time to update. As I start to write this new guide , I realized there are just 2 many things I would need to talk about again. It is fun to go into deep details but not that rewarding for the actual player.

GEAR GUIDE: How to choose the right tennis strings?

The closer to the top of the range, the more control and less pop a player will experience. A lower tension will provide more power, but also less feel and control. The middle of the recommended tension range is a good place to start on the quest for the perfect racquet tension. From the time the string is installed, it will begin to lose ...

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Tennis string gauges range from 15 (thickest) to 19 (thinnest), with half-gauges identified with an L (15L, 16L, etc), which is short for “light”. Thinner strings also provide more spin potential by allowing the strings to embed into the ball more. Obviously, the thinner the gauge, the more powerful the string, with lots of spin potential.

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Tennis String Advice. After choosing your racket the next question is, “what string should you choose”. It is important for you to choose a string that compliments your racket and playing style. Types of String Natural Gut

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Nylon strings are still the most prevalent among recreational players. Gauge: Strings get thinner as the gauge number increases. An “L” after a number means the string is on the thinner end of that range; for instance, 16L is slightly thinner than a 16-gauge string. Tennis strings range from 15L to 19, but 16 and 17 are the most popular.

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Made from the fibrous and stretchy serous membrane of cow intestines, natural gut is the game’s most storied and iconic string type. Although it has been around since the 1800s, the tennis industry has yet to create an alternative that captures the magic of its elasticity, including the unrivaled comfort, power and feel that flows from it.

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The oldest type of tennis string on the planet is natural gut and it's the string of choice for a lot of professional players including Roger Federer himself. The Swiss Maestro strings with a hybrid setup of natural gut in his mains and luxilon in the crosses, which, much like his style of play, is a blend of old and new.

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Tips for Selecting a Set of Tennis Strings. To help you get the most out of this guide, we’ve also included a few tips to assist you in selecting a tennis string. Tennis String Gauge. Once you find a set of tennis strings that you’d like to try, you may get tripped up with what gauge or thickness makes the most sense for them.