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Volleyball Bump Cues. Medium Body posture – shoulder. Feet to the ball. Flat platform. Bend knees to get beneath ball as bump. Belly button to target. Call “mine”. Practice Progression. Bump to self – allow a bounce for those that struggle.

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The easiest way to bump a volleyball is to stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and your knees bent. Lean forward and place one hand on top of the other, with your palms up and your thumbs touching. Stretch your arms out and lift them upward to bump the ball. For more tips on technique, passing, and aiming, read the article!

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Make a flat surface with arms by placing back of one hand in palm of the other. Move feet to get under the ball. One foot in front of the other with knees bent.

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Lastly, when the ball gets close to your arms, extend your knees to bump the volleyball off of your forearm. Make sure that the volleyball is close to your arms before you extend your legs. That is how to bump a volleyball, if you follow these directions, you should play like pro. Ask Question.

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Volleyball Bump Assessment. Purpose of Activity: To see if students are learning the cues of the bump pass in volleyball. Suggested Grade Level: 3-5. Materials Needed: Volleyball trainers (1 per group of three), pencils, and assessment sheet located below.

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For Teachers 9th - 12th. Feet to the ball, belly button to the target, flat platform. These are the three main cues for making a good forearm pass in volleyball. Teach these cues, practice these skills, work on performing a good forearm pass. Yes... Get Free Access See Review.

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Skill cues: contact ball on forearm, wrap hand around fist with thumbs up, thumbs next to each other, elbows in, arms away from body, knees bent, feet shoulder width apart. When making contact with ball: step forward and extend arms to target, arms below shoulder level. 2. The set- used primarily to set the ball for the spiker.

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Skill Cues. Players should always be ready to move and make a play at the ball. Your power will come from your legs when performing the skills. Passing. Hand positions. wrapped fist. thumb in palm of hand. cupped palm. bend your knees before the ball comes to you to absorb the serve and make the pass.