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Volleyball Set Definition. What is a set in volleyball? A set is an overhand contact of the ball, usually the second contact in a rally, made after a pass in serve receive or after a dig in defense to redirect the ball to a hitter in the front row or back row by a setter to run the team's offense.

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set. What Is The Definition Of Set? What Is A Set In Volleyball? 1. This refers to a skill in volleyball where an offensive player directs the ball to an area by the net so that a teammate can spike the ball into the opponent’s court. Examples Of How Set Is Used In Commentary. Volleyball. 1.

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Volleyball Set Definition:The shoot set aka the 'Go" set is a high velocity flat set, that runs parallel to the net above it around 1-2 feet and lands in a 3x3 foot area in Zone 4. (Al Case) These fast set descriptions are paired with their volleyball set numbers which setters call to their hitters so they know which plays and sets to run.

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Volleyball Set A set is when a player tries to place the ball near the net to assist a spiker in killing the ball. Setting is a skill that must be practiced with many repetitions. Kill A kill is a successful hit by an attacker that results in a point for the attacking team.

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Set. The second contact (after a pass or dig) is considered a “set”. The player who sets is called the “setter”. Usually a set is made with two hands overhead. A bump set is made with a player’s forearms. A player can also set the ball over the net on the first, second or third contact with the same motion.

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SET – The tactical skill in which a ball is directed to a point where a player can spike it into the opponent’s court. SETTER – the player who has the 2nd of 3 contacts of the ball who “sets” the ball with an “Overhand Pass ” for a teammate to hit .

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Every volleyball coach will have a different numbering system for their sets. This is known as ‘set numbers’. Before the ball is served by the opposing volleyball team, the setter makes eye contact with each of their hitters (front and back court) and gives them a hand signal signifying what set to expect. Some sets require the hitter to leave early and get in the air before they see where the set is going.

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The player who passes the ball is called the “passer”. Usually a pass is made with a player’s forearms but can also be made overhead with two open hands. Set – The second contact (after a pass or dig) is considered a “set”. The player who sets is called the “setter”. Usually a set is made with two hands overhead.