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The hooligan firm of infamous English football club Millwall, the Bushwackers take their (misspelled) name from the American Civil War ambushers, and no one would want to be attacked by these nasty Brits. They even had an improvised weapon named in their honor – the Millwall Brick, made of a newspaper and used to bash up rival fans.

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In April 2013, in the semifinal of the FA Cup against Wigan, 14 “hooligans” Millwall were arrested for various disturbances inside the stadium. rivaling “Inter City Firm, Soul Crew, Service Crew y Headhunters”. Birmingham Zulus. It is the “hooligan firm” associated equipment Birmingham City. Causing the death of a fan of Leeds in a massive fight between the two hobbies, resulting 200 wounded, 96 of them policemen.

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Here Are Most 20 Worst Football Hooligans In The World. 1. Ajax Amsterdam, Netherlands. In the history of the popular Duch Club, there have many hooligans firms. Among the hooligans, ‘F -Side’ is maybe the ... 2. Besiktas Istanbul, Turkey. 3. Boca Juniors, Argentina. 4. Dynamo Dresden, Germany. 5. ...

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"Unfortunately, the results do not lie and the figures only exemplify that the number of football related incidents are still prevalent. WORST FOOTIE FANS REVEALED. NO. OF INCIDENTS IN 2016/2017. Leeds - 37. Villa - 26. Birmingham - 23. Sheffield United - 17. Sheffield Wednesday - 16. Millwall - 16. Derby - 14. Portsmouth - 14. Nottingham Forest - 13. Doncaster - 10

Football's wall of SHAME: UK's most violent and ferocious ...

Football's wall of SHAME: UK's most violent and ferocious hooligans REVEALED - Daily Star. Massive 14ft fireball captured streaking through night sky with flash of light. Expert said the asteroid measured about the size of a car as it hurtled towards Earth and burned up in flames. The space rock emitted a flash of bright light in the sky.

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In March 2002, the Seaburn Casuals (a Sunderland A.F.C. firm) fought with hooligans from the Newcastle Gremlins in a pre-arranged clash near the North Shields Ferry terminal, in what was described as "some of the worst football related fighting ever witnessed in the United Kingdom".


Back in the late ’70s, the chant of “Zulu, Zulu!” on the streets of Birmingham could only have meant one thing: the Zulu Warriors, Birmingham City F.C.’s finest, spoiling for a fight. Known for having members of various ethnic backgrounds, this mob was one of the most feared of the ’80s – and they remain the cause of major ructions. Violent clashes with supporters of rival club Aston Villa are common on derby day, and the Zulus are known for fiercely defending their territory ...

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Football hooliganism or soccer hooliganism constitutes violent or belligerent behaviour perpetrated by spectators at association football events. Football hooliganism normally involves conflict between gangs, in English known as football firms (derived from the British slang for a criminal gang), formed to intimidate and attack supporters of other teams.